6 Creative Idea With Unusual Materials And Techniques

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6 Creative Ideas For Artists. Painting With Unusual Materials And Techniques

And again about the unusual from the world of creativity, which I saw on the vastness of the boundless Internet! (All materials are taken from open access).

Some talented and creative artists quickly realized and realized that it was quite difficult to surprise the public with ordinary paintings and began to experiment.

One of the most proven and successful schemes is to use unusual materials for drawings. You can come up with something of your own, and for inspiration, I will give some unusual examples in this publication.

Paintings by Elisabetta Rogai from Florence, painted with wine:

Wine inspires, dilates blood vessels, clarifies consciousness. “Applies to the bottle” and this Italian artist. But not in this sense. She has long been known as a talented painter, whose paintings are painted with wine.

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Elisabetta Rogai uses exclusively white, red and rosé wines in her art. She sketches in charcoal and then paints them with wine. The trick of her work is that over time, the color of the paints in the picture changes, as the wine ages and takes on new shades. The result is canvases, each of which is completely unique.

Coloring with Different Types of Tea:

But the British artist Carne Griffiths prefers to paint his canvases … with different types of tea, but not limited to one drink and mixes ink with tea, vodka, brandy, etc. Drinks allow you to create a unique color palette, make your paintings multi-layered and airy. The workshop of this artist is probably the only place where you can see how green or black tea, with mint or bergamot, herbal or hibiscus, turn into portraits, landscapes or abstract fantasies of the author.

American artist, and also a princess – Tarynan von Anhalt from Florida paints in the style of “reactive painting”.

She does not create abstract art canvases with her hands. And not by feet. And no part of the body at all. She “paints” with the power of the aircraft’s turbojet engine, splashing paint near the canvas so that it is picked up by a hot jet from the aircraft engine and hit the canvas. This is probably the most expensive drawing method, but clients are willing to pay up to $ 50,000 just to watch the process of the craftswoman’s work. Abstract pictures are obtained using air currents from an aircraft jet engine. But as it has long been known, it is much more interesting to observe the process of creation than to see just the final, because the process of creation itself looks so large-scale that it is most likely more expensive than her paintings themselves are worth.

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This very unusual direction of painting was invented by the Austrian prince Jurgen von Anhalt back in 1982. He called it “jet art” (“jet painting”). After his death, his wife Tarynan continued his business. She became the first woman to create her art canvases using such a physically demanding painting technique. Well, not stopping there, Princess Tarynan also used an airplane to paint clothes and showed the results of this at various fashion shows.

3D Realistic Drawings

But Ramon Bruin from the Netherlands makes money by painting in 3D. For several years now, he has been surprising the whole world with his drawings and actively cooperates with various brands.

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A talented self-taught artist, he graduated from the Academy of Airbrushing at one time, but apart from working with an airbrush and pencils, Ramon also draws with paints. Each image created by the author is also of interest in a two-dimensional image. However, optical illusions always attract more attention, which is why the artist creates stunning 3D images on multiple sheets of paper at once. Looking at the drawings, it seems that they literally “go” beyond the boundaries of two-dimensional space.

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Pencil versus Camera creative idea

Ben Hein is a Belgian versatile artist and music producer. His name became known in 2010 and is associated with the invention of a new art form called “Pencil versus Camera“.

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Ben is an accomplished illustrator and photographer, prolific artist and designer. His project combined pencil drawings and photographs.

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First, he makes a freehand pencil sketch on paper, and then takes a photograph against the background of a real object. The result is an interesting augmented reality effect. 3D drawing is a mixture of pencil drawings and photography, then finalizes the resulting image in Photoshop, adding contrast and saturation. The result is magic!

New Creative Idea Portraits from DNA.

The idea is based on the standard earnings for artists – portraits to order. But if the artist had a five in anatomy, then he can offer unique products – portraits from the customers’ DNA. This idea was invented by the artists Adrian Solomonovich and Nazim Ahmed. They paint portraits with amino acids – they have different colors, so the work is bright and vivid.

Portraits from DNA

Their company, DNA 11, turns DNA samples into works of art. Everything is very simple. They send the client a special kit for taking a swab from the inside of the cheek for DNA analysis. The client sends the sample back, and the company, after deciphering the DNA structure, creates an unusual painting that the customer can hang on the wall.

They paint portraits of clients, and amino acids from DNA act as strokes in these portraits. Each amino acid has its own color and position on the canvas. A mini-portrait of DNA costs $ 200, and an epic canvas will cost $ 1.3 thousand. Genetic paintings are kept in museums in New York and Tokyo as works of modern art.

creative idea

creative idea

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