Artist Evgeni Koroliov, Whose Drawings I Admire

Even though the name of the new generation artists is not heard much, I think he is one of the artists who should be given the right. When you look at his works, you will really agree with me.

The motifs he has worked with in single colors, especially in his charcoal works, are incredibly nice.

When you examine these works, you will also agree that red looks really good on a pencil drawing work.

While the artist is doing his work, he probably thinks something and reflects this idea to his work, but we, who follow this, add our own interpretations and this brings art to a multiple universe, each audience adds something from himself and gives meaning.

When I look at this job, I think what I see is a woman’s colorful eyes and point of view. Even though his eyes were covered with a cloth, he added a colorful meaning to life. His calmness and confident demeanor shows how well he’s doing his job.

Our artist Evgeni Koroliov, who was inspired by many famous names and drew their pictures, poured the reflections of his imagination into his works, as well as the famous artists.

You can find more information about Evgeni on its website.

Here is the website

I want to present you other works of the artist:

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