Autumn Artist: The October Challenge


Autumn has arrived and we like autumn a lot!

Instead of hibernating like so many forest animals, we’ve decided it’s a good time to start drawing and painting.

Do you want to understand what we are talking about and how it works? Continue reading the article below.
We are sure that in the end, you will want to participate!

What is a “challenge”?

If you’ve been browsing Instagram for a while, you’ve already heard of these challenges dedicated to artists.

They usually take place over a period of two weeks or a month and themes are proposed from which to start to create drawings or illustrations.

One of the best-known challenges is Oktober. 31 themes are chosen, one for each day in October and the challenge is to create a drawing a day for each of these topics. Official rules recommend that you only use ink or Indian ink pens.

Maybe you have already heard of it, maybe you tried and left halfway, maybe you would like to participate, but you forget to do it every year … this time it will be different, read on.

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Illustration by Irene
Illustration by Irene @_art_hope

Because we created Artist’s Autumn

After discussing with various artists, illustrators, and illustrators, we realized that the most famous challenges, such as the October, required too much effort and time from the participants.

In fact, many of these challenges propose 31 themes, one for each day of the month: this is actually a big commitment, especially for those who don’t make illustration their job.

Precisely for this reason, we decided to create a lighter and leaner challenge, which would allow the participation of a wider audience. There will be only 5 macro themes, and you will have much more time to dedicate yourself to each of the illustrations.

And so “Artist’s Autumn” was born!

Who created Autumn Artist?

This idea was born from the (malefic?) Minds of five particular profiles, five people (or groups of people) who revolve around the world of illustration, drawing, and fine arts:

The main protagonist will be autumn declined in 5 different macro themes. But we will talk about this in more detail below, keep reading!

Illustration by Giulia @_erithascusrubecula

How does the challenging work?

We have selected 5 themes, one for each week of October.
The themes are indicated in the image you see below, which will also be shared on Instagram and Facebook.

During each week you will have to create an illustration, a drawing, a painting, but also a sculpture or whatever comes to mind, respecting the theme chosen for that week. There are no constraints related to the technique to use, you can use a simple pencil, such as watercolors or acrylics … in short, you will decide!

Let’s take an example: the first drawing

To make things clearer, let’s take an example in the first week: the theme is Autumn Landscapes.

This means that you will be able to create a work inspired by this topic. What comes to your mind when you think of autumn landscapes? A wooden path that leads into the woods, the street of your city covered with red and orange leaves, but also the lights of the lanterns in a garden… to help you we have created inspirational photo collections.

As mentioned just before, you are free to decide which technique you prefer to use and how many designs you want to make: you have about a week, so you can choose whether to do just one, two, or even three! Evaluate based on the time you have available.

Illustration by Isabella @pastellificio.sanfilippo

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