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Dimitra Milan Art

Who Is This Dimitra Milan?

Dimitra Milan is a young and very talented artist who managed to become a well-known painter both in America and Europe at the age of 15.

Milan’s mother and father, who is now 20 years old, are painters like himself. They are even the founders of the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, where Dimitra Milan also completed his education.

Dimitra Milan

A Colorful Fantasy World

Milan paintings make you feel like you have opened the doors of a fantastic world. Flowers, animals, nature and people come together in a way that is perhaps not possible in daily life, resulting in a riot of colors that is somewhat surreal and somewhat dreamy.

Dimitra Milan
art of Dimitra Milan
painting Milan
Dimitra Milan

Art is a window into another realm. It brings heaven to earth and transforms us from within.

~ D. Milan
woman painting
painting girl

Glamorous Oil Paintings

When asked about the female figures he often uses in his paintings, he says that he identifies himself with the women he paints and that they are his own reflection.

When asked about the animal figures he often uses, he said, “I have always loved animals. In fact, ever since I started talking, I used to tell my parents that I wanted a farm. Now I have a horse that I love very much. The animals I use in my paintings have symbolic meanings. Sometimes I know it from the beginning, sometimes I discover it later.” she adds.

Milan, who also contributes to social aid projects with his paintings, states that Hawaii, where he often goes, has a great contribution to his work.

Glamorous Oil Paintings
Dimitra Milan
Dimitra Milan

Tiger Painting

Below are the communication channels where you can reach Dimitra Milan and buy her works:

Instagram: @dimitramilan

Dimitra's Story

Dimitra’s Story

Legend has it, Dimitra created her first painting when she was just 5 years old. Her parents, prolific artists John and Elli Milan were struggling to create an abstract painting for their Art Dealer. After trying everything they could, they almost gave up. Dimitra begged them to play with their paint and they decided to let her. What was the worst that could happen? After an hour of unsupervised exploration, they came back to see that she had created a masterpiece with absolutely zero guidance. But it was a one hit wonder. She couldn’t recreate it…

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