Giulio Rossi Oozes Creativity With Each Character

giulio rossi

Although he began painting in acrylic, Giulio Rossi (Italy, 1983) ended up opting for digital art. Self-taught, he confesses to having discovered a world full of possibilities. Tools allow you to express all the creativity of him.

His digital illustrations navigate between pop art and comics. Vibrant colors for characters that scrutinize you with huge eyes that vomit blood.

Rossi likes to mix beauty and terror. The result, protagonists of looks full of expressiveness. Surreal touches capable of inspiring both anguish and lust. Protagonists whom he endows with a sensuality that turns into mischief. Retinas that more than explain how they are, explain how they feel.

“Technical skills may be the must, but only passion makes the difference. The Italian graphic designer Giulio Rossi, working on his studio in L’Aquila , is no doubt a flow of passion, and his works have gained international momentum, reaching out Madonna, who picked up one of his artworks for her Art For Freedom project. After his initial experiments with acrylic paint, ink and charcoal, this autodidact soon jumped onto digital art as his new mean of creativity profusion. His works are pop and iconic, a modernist story telling of a kind of feminine weird beauty and sensuality.”

Giulio Rossi

You can access and follow the latest designs from the artist’s Instagram account. It is one of my favorites among the new generation designers. You can also find their designs in print form on the website. Phone covers, paintings, t-shirt prints and more


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