Realistic Painting Artist Whose Work You Will Admire – Alyssa Monks

alyssa monks

This artist, who paints extraordinarily realistic, creates truly magnificent works with the technique he applies. It is one of my favorites for realistic painting.

Working on portraits in general, our artist has collected his works over the years and sells these works on his site. You can also access training videos for a fee.

Let’s take a look at the collections he prepared and published.

2015 – 2020 Portfolio

The artist, who generally emphasizes flowers in this portfolio, reflects women in the background very well. Generally, she used scattered female figures and managed to make us feel this.

Here is the painting that stands out with this portfolio. You can reach all the works from the link below the gallery.

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    2010 – 2014 Portfolio

    In this portfolio, we are greeted by water vapor instead of flowers, and the figures behind the water vapor stand out in this collection. Also, this collection includes more nudist works compared to 2015-2020. Our artist tried to prioritize women too much.

    Here is the painting that stands out with this portfolio. You can reach all the works from the link below the gallery.

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    2005 – 2009 Portfolio

    In this portfolio, we come across mostly nudist works. The artist again produced realistic painting works and did a wonderful job.

    You can click on the link to view the portfolio: click

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