Why Is It Hard To Scribble Skillfully?

The fact that everyone can draw and produce beautiful and meaningful images is a difficult concept to get across. The ability to draw is in fact, technically, the same that allows us to write with pen. If we know how to coordinate the hand enough to write in cursive then we certainly have the opportunity to learn how to draw.

It all depends on our ability to observe, which we hardly know how to do at all. We end up representing stereotypes because we can’t really look at reality… it’s a long story that certainly deserves some specific post.

I just want to anticipate that these reflections are collected in an extraordinary book entitled “Drawing with the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards. Here’s what the back cover reports:

Everyone can learn to draw, as long as they learn to bring out the ability to “see artistically”, that is to perceive reality not according to the pre-established patterns of the rational mind which is managed by the left hemisphere of the brain, but through the development of intuitive categories and of creativity, which is presided over by the right hemisphere. Edwards proposes a series of exercises and strategies to “deceive” the left hemisphere, which tends to dominate, and allow the right one to “direct operations”.

Beyond the traditional misunderstanding about our brain (because in reality the two hemispheres work together and the brain areas are not so clearly divided), the approach to observation is interesting, the real starting point for learning drawing.

But let’s go back to the topic of this post: generally we are afraid to try to draw because we know that the result will disappoint us, but none of us are afraid to scribble while talking on the phone or while listening to a lesson …

‘Doodling’ is nothing more than this: creating patterns of intertwined doodles like those we casually do on the edges of notebooks.

All you need is a good black marker, paper of any origin and the ability to be guided by instinct. On the net, among other things, there are thousands of examples from which to draw inspiration.

Try it too: take the material and start filling any shape. You can also start from a circle and proceed in a radial direction.

You can also try to be inspired by works from the past. Banar Designs, for example, creates a doodle outline on the faces of famous paintings from the history of art.

Others have filmed Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Hokusai’s Wave …

By working only on continuous and wavy lines you can get incredible three-dimensional effects!

As a first exercise (even for very young children) you can start with your hand: the effect is guaranteed!

But if you get carried away (!) You risk filling entire walls with doodle! Horror vacui stuff!

One last tip: when you’re done try coloring your doodle with watercolors or pastels. The result will be truly amazing.

Here are some works of art that might inspire you:

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